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November & Nunnink, LLC has helped thousands of clients navigate family law cases since 2007. Our Fair Lawn family law attorney has a great reputation of success and can guide you through the legal process. New Jersey’s child custody and support laws are designed for the benefit and welfare of the child involved, and it is important to seek legal help to meet the court’s standards and reach a positive solution.

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Child Custody Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey laws allow for either joint or sole child custody, depending on the best interests of the child. Child custody cases are under the jurisdiction of the family courts, which may award three types of custody arrangements. These include joint legal custody, where one parent has residential custody but both parents can make legal decisions regarding the child, joint physical custody, where both parents share residential custody of the child, and sole custody of one parent with visitation rights for the other parent.

When deciding which custody arrangement to award, courts will consider various factors, including the parent-child relationship, the parents’ fitness levels, the ages and number of children, and how much time the parent spent with the child prior to the separation. At November & Nunnink, LLC, our Fair Lawn child custody attorneys are dedicated to the clients’ best interests, and we can use our experience to seek a positive solution in child custody cases. Whether you are seeking joint or sole, legal or physical custody for your child, our knowledgeable team can help promote an early settlement that provides the greatest benefit to you and your child.

Diligent Child Support Representation

New Jersey uses a Child Support Worksheet to calculate the amount of child support each parent must pay. This takes into consideration factors such as each parent’s income, retirement contributions, and taxes paid, and it is important to note any deviation factors that may also influence the amount of support each parent must pay. Our Fair Lawn child support attorneys can examine your situation and discuss your options to help seek a beneficial solution.

Courts consider several factors when determining child support, including:

  • Earning power and financial circumstances of each parent
  • Health and ages of each parent and child
  • Liabilities or debts of each parent or child
  • Needs of the child
  • Assets and income or earning ability of each child
  • Standard of living of each parent

New Jersey uses an Income Shares Model to decide the amount of child support each noncustodial parent must pay. This takes into consideration the amount of support that each parent would have contributed if the marriage had continued, and this estimated amount is divided proportionately between both parents based on their income. At November & Nunnink, LLC, you will receive the legal assistance you need to navigate these critical determinations and seek a reasonable outcome that is suitable for all parties.

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